Complimentary Case Study

Critical Capabilities for Contract Life Cycle Management

CLM vendors have a competitive advantage through advanced analytics and better authoring capabilities. Use this research to assess these capabilities and shortlist suitable vendors!

Interest in CLM continues to increase despite economic pressures brought on by COVID-19. The sudden, dramatic impact of the pandemic on organizations’ working environments increased the urgency for a solution that could provide structure for and visibility into enterprise contracts.

Application leaders responsible for CLM can use this research to differentiate between vendor capabilities and shortlist vendors most suitable for their organizational needs.

In this study, you'll find data that supports the following findings:

  • Contract life cycle management (CLM) continues to be a high priority technology investment for midsize and large enterprise organizations.
  • CLM vendors are improving their integration capabilities to deliver an enterprisewide single source of truth for contracts.
  • Leading CLM providers are beginning to bolster advanced contract analytics capabilities supporting AI-based contract review, risk assessment and reporting.

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